Wine cellars


All of the Boriassi wine is produced thanks to a precise method of wine-making, which begins with the selection of healthy ripe grapes, harvested by hand in the coolest hours of the day.

The de-stemming process follows, then the maceration of the skins for 12-18 hours at low temperatures before proceeding to a first decantation of the must. Next comes a soft pressing of the skins and then to the start of the fermentation process.
At the end of the fermentation we proceed with various decanting procedures, to clean and clarify the wine which, after some months, can finally be bottled.

Wine making is an ancient tradition, which here in the Boriassi Winery is blended with the most modern technique for the ‘off skins fermentation process’ to maintain the structural integrity of the wine, losing none of its precious bouquet.

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