Our vineyards

Right in the heart of the controlled denomination of Colli di Luni

The Boriassi Vineyards are to be found near to the Ligurian sea which softens and protects them.

Eight hectares of land, three of which are planted with vines, only 150 metres above sea level, with a favourable North-South exposure, cultivated by hand, as was done in the past.

All of the Boriassi Winery land is left grassed over, to maintain the structure of the land and rebalance the strength of the plants, fertilized by the sowing and planting of species belonging to the Leguminosae family, such as clover, beans and soybean plants: a natural and sustainable method which benefits not only the vineyard but also the cultivated land of olive trees of excellent Tuscan quality.


A Magic Land

The wine cellars